Giving Hope to AIDS Orphans

Zerapath is a Non-Profit Organization operating in Sub-Saharan Africa, where HIV/AIDS has had the greatest impact. According to UNAIDS estimates, eight out of every ten AIDS orphans live in sub-Saharan Africa. There are over 34 million orphans in this region and over 12 million of them are AIDS orphans.

Their emotional and physical pain is yet to be told. Many AIDS Orphans watched or nursed their parents dying. Old and poor grandparents are left with grandchildren who are in need of physical and emotional care. Most grandparents do not know how to navigate through government systems for assistance. The savings of the parents paid for medical expenses of the dying. Some grandparents have died because they could not cope. Many AIDS Orphans have turned into street children and are now victims of abuse.

Zerapath’s objective is to end this disparate cycle...

Zerapath wants to respond to this ongoing silent crisis. We want to do something about it: we want to change the lives of AIDS orphans; changing their fate from doom to hope, helping them to be citizens who will contribute to the development of their communities and the world at large.

We will achieve this goal by providing medical attention, food, counseling, shelter, clothing, and education. Zerapath is supported by donations from the public, donor organizations, foundations and services in kind by the local communities.

We all can play a part in making this vision a reality.

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Our Mission

  • Shelter - To provide a physical and emotionally suitable place that the orphans can call home.

  • Education - To provide good education and survival skills to enable them to manage their own lives and contribute to their communities.

  • Recovery and Regeneration- To provide healing and recovery from the pain and distress of losing ones parents.

  • H.I.V. Prevention - To provide a healthy environment and prevent HIV infection.

  • Medical Support - To ensure that they have access to healthcare and good medical services.

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